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Post Study Work Permit


After completing your studies in Canada you need to apply for post study work permit which allows you to work and live in Canada. If you have completed two years of study in Canada you will get three years post study work permit. To be eligible for Canada post study work permit you must fulfill following criteria:

  • Must have completes studies full time in Canada for at least 8 months.
  • College must be DLI approved
  • Must apply within 90 days of completing your studies
  • Must have a valid study visa at the time of application

It is recommended that a student should apply for Canada post study work permit after getting their final result. Canada post study work permit fee is CDN$155 and also a candidate has to pay CDN$ 100 for open work permit fee. Moreover, students should keep a good track while studying as your background check is also conducted. Any disciplinary violation can affect you visa process.