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Express Entry

Express Entry

Canada PR Express entry is a program introduced in 2015 and is designed by Canadian government to offer permanent residence to the aspiring candidates who are interested in becoming the permanent resident of Canada. It is the fastest way of getting Canada PR. This Canadian federal immigration program assesses your eligibility for permanent resident of Canada through various factors like:

  • Age of the candidate
  • The education of the candidate
  • The Skills and work experience of the candidate ( must fall )
  • Language proficiency
  • Marital status (Spouse education, work experience, language skills, age)

For an applicant to be eligible for Canada Express Entry program they must be eligible for one of the following immigration program that assesses your application on the bases of your Skills. These categories are:

  • Federal Skilled Workers (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Also some of the PNP are also accepted through Express Entry. These three categories evaluate candidates’ profile on the bases of the skill they have. Moreover these categories also have certain common eligibility criteria such as:

Skill of the candidate:

For Express Entry a candidate must have the required skills which fall under the Canadian Skill parameters. NOC (National Occupation Classification): it is used by Canadian Government to assess the eligibility of the skill possessed by the candidate. They have categorized the skill in three levels: Level O, level A and Level B. These skills which fall under these levels are considered as skilled work experiences.

Language Proficiency:

This is one of the basic requirements for most of the visa categories. In Express entry all the programs required a certain level of language proficiency; it varies for program to program. But it is imperative for candidate to submit a valid language proof.

Work Experience or Skill:

This is the core requirement for Express entry. As the whole program is based on the skill possess or the work experience of the candidate: it becomes important for the candidate to prove that they have certain skill or has the sufficient experience that can be considered for visa process. Although all the programs under Express entry have their own guidelines for required work experience but at least a minimum of one year work experience is required. It will vary from program to program though.

Other requirements:

Apart from above mentioned details there are few other requirements that candidate should give full disclosure of their travel history, if they have been rejected for any visa before, if they have any criminal record or any medical problem.

For express entry the candidates have to follow a simple procedure. It can be done in following steps:

Step 1: IELTS

First step is to appear for Language test i.e. Ielts. All the Skilled immigration programs requires a proof of language via Language test.

Step 2: ECA

ECA Stands for Educational credential assessment: one has to get their education documents assessed by one of the following approved bodies.  Every applicant who is has studied outside Canada has to get their education documents assessed. This assessment would determine the level of your education equivalent to in Canada.

These Organizations are:

  • ICASC (International Credential Assessment Service of Canada)
  • WES (World Education Services)
  • IQAS (International Qualification Assessment Services)
  • ICES (International Credential Evaluation Services)
Step 3: NOC

After get the documents assess next step is to establish NOC (National Occupation Classification) for you. You have to find out your NOC, which can be established either by your job profile or via your industry.

NOC is categorized in three sections:

  • Skilled Level O (Managerial Profiles)
  • Skilled Level A (Professionals)
  • Skilled Level B (Skilled workers/ traders or technical Jobs)
Step 4: Eligibility for Express Entry

This is to determine your Express Entry profile; it is to check your eligibility as per the criteria. You should be aware of your NOC and should have taken a language test before this step.

Step 5: Profile For Express Entry

This step is very crucial. At this point you have to make an Express Entry profile. After determining your eligibility for Express Entry via online portal, you have to prepare your profile with utmost diligence. They should provide all the necessary information for express entry.

Step 6: Profile Submission

After properly providing all the information, the profile should be submitted. Moreover you will receive an express entry profile number. You should keep this information confidential and safe.

Though a successful submission doesn’t guarantee that you will get PR. It will be in the pool. Either your CRS Score would determine your chances of getting picked in the pool or if you get an invitation from a province.

Step 7: Follow up and embassy Submission

Once your profile is in the pool you can always update your profile, if required. Moreover if your profile is picked or you get an invitation, you will have to submit your file with the formalities required (of your spouse and kinds, if applicable)

This whole process can take from 8 months to a whole year to process. Your Express entry profile is valid for a year as well.

Federal Skilled Workers (FSW):

In simple terms FSW is program designed for those applicants who neither have Canadian education nor Canadian work experience. Their profile is assessed on the bases of their education, language proficiency, and skilled work experience. Also if the candidate has a spouse or partner then their education, language proficiency and work experience also assessed. For express entry their points are calculated in system known as CRS calculator

Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

This program is for those candidates who have skilled work experience that comes under Trade occupation regulated by Canadian government. Under this program education qualification is minimal and language proficiency is also lesser than other programs but they should possess a skilled trade or technical experience like (welders, drivers etc). They should have a valid job offer by an employer from Canadian. And also have a valid certification of their skill which is valid in Canadian province.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Under this program candidates who have studied in Canada and have a valid post study work permit or candidates who has experience as temporary foreign workers can apply for PR. They are eligible to apply if they have worked for minimum 12 months with in last 3 years.