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August 20, 2020

How Covid-19 affect studying abroad?

The panic caused by Covid-19 all over the world is definitely something that has affected most of the world’s economy. It is understood that it has affected the immigration process of every country. But the dream if studying abroad is still alive. Yes, a few things have changed and most of the prospective students as in a dilemma of what to and what not to expect in current situation. Here we are going to talk about certain changes and some of the misconception that has been going around.

Firstly, it is an obvious move that all the travel to foreign countries were cancelled as a safety major. But this doesn’t mean that new visas won’t be granted soon. All the migration services are restricted. This has affected the plans of aspiring students who were going for study abroad in the start of year 2020. As for study visa is concerned those who has already got the visa but they are still in their home country, they will have to wait for the next intake as most of the countries are not allowing students to join the current session for the obvious reasons.

The most challenging thing which everyone is facing right now is how to tackle this Covid-19 and also carry on with the daily routine simultaneously. There are a lot of initiatives Universities and Colleges in Canada and other countries as well are undertaking such as: emphasizing on using online portal to study for the students who are already there (Local and international). Although certain institutions are competent with online studies but not all of them, so, it will take some time to get it working smoothly. Though an online study is appealing to the student but it does raise the concern about the validation of online degree in comparison to regular one and will it affect their chance of getting a job or PR after the completion of the course?

Universities and colleges have to bring in safety majors like sanitation and implementing social distancing to carry on the work. At Visa nation, we have help approximately 300+ Candidates who required immigration services, be it study visa or course change or PR or Post study work permit. Under the current situation it is imperative that we as community help whoever is in need now.

Needless to say that Covid-19 has really affected the world economy. Hence, it would make it a lot tougher for those who need to find job after completion of their respective course. Visa nation, has been trying there best under these difficult times. Although essential business are still working with limited staff where as non essentials business are either not working at all or just with limited staff, it is still a challenge that we all are facing. Therefore, we all need to help each other the best way we can and prove that humanity still exists.