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June 13, 2020

Best use of Covid-19 to improve your PR Application

The current situation which most of us are dealing right now is social distancing to fight Covid-19 virus. Although this lockdown situation has affected our plans for future but if we take an optimistic approach we can use this time in best way possible. For example for those who are planning to apply for Canada PR (Express Entry) can use this time to improve their CRS score. Some of the best ways for those who are planning to apply for Canada PR or have already applied are:

Chance to improve your language:

We all know that under express entry there are many factors which collectively affect your CRS score and Language (English/ French) is one of those factors. Improving your language proficiency is one of the most efficient ways to boost your CRS score. Although all the IELTS test centers are closed currently but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this time to improve your language. You can use this time to improve you language skills or you can focus on the module that you find tough and give a re-exam (as soon as exam starts again). Moreover you can use this time to learn French as well; this would definitely help you improve your CRS score.

Letter of reference

For those who have already applied through express entry; when ITA (Invitation to apply) is received you have to provide reference letters. You will have 60 days to provide all the necessary letters. Since you have limited time duration you should start the process to collect these letters before you receive ITA as they are much more complex than just some simple recommendation letters. They are more detailed and specific.

At Visa Nation, we have an expert team who can help you in creainge the most professional reference letters. These are certain key points that should be included in your letter such as: Job title, exact Joining date, exact salary per week, average working hours per week; you job duties in detail, company profile where you are working and many more.

Tailor you other documents properly

Apart for the above said documents you should use this time to keep up with all the necessary documents required; whether it is yours or any other member who is also applying along with you (Spouse or kids). You should keep a close check on the expiration date of your passport as well as anyone who is applying along with you. It should be valid till 12 to 18 months at the time of submitting the application in the embassy. You should get the documents updated which are not as per standard like you birth certificate or education documents. If you are being sponsored by your relative in Canada then you should use this time to get all the necessary documentation in lined and updated.

Moreover you should seek help of a professional representative who can guide you properly. In past two months of Covid-19, Visa Nation has helped more 300 candidates for getting their visa application processed properly. You can contact our representative and get a proper consultation regarding your visa application