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June 20, 2019

Important tips to prepare for IELTS

We all are aware of the fact that whenever you apply for a study visa or for PR you need to provide the language proficiency. Most of the western country consider language proficiency test like IELTS, TOFEL, etc. as English is the first language for most of these countries. Now the hardship is for those candidate who don’t speak English as their first or even second language. Most of the candidates are petrified of these test and are not able to score well. As IELTS is the frequently chosen test by most of the candidates, here we are going to give some pro tips on how to prepare for IELTS and how can you score well:

  • Firstly, time management, it is very important for you to manage your time while preparing for IELTS as you know IELTS is time bound test. Always set a time duration especially when you are preparing for reading test.
  • You should start your preparation as soon as possible. At least give yourself a three months’ time before appearing for the exam.
  • For general practice use English as a medium of communication as frequently as possible. Like for speaking writing or reading.
  • When attempting paragraphs the right approach is to read questions first then read the passage along. This will save you a lot of time trust me!!
  • While giving exam it is natural for people to get nervous and even doubt themselves while answering. So my suggestion would be to not to over think always go with your gut feeling.
  • To improve your listening skill it is always helpful to listen to English audios or videos like watching news or English movies without the subtitles. This is going to help you a lot.
  • Always reflect on you mistake. Your preparation is of no use if you don’t learn from your mistakes. So it is suggested that you should always analysis you mistakes and learn from them.
  • Practice would definitely make you perfect. So as you come closer to you date of exam take as many mock test as you can. This will boost up your confidence.